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Cargo Manager(R), an optional companion product for Roll-N-Lock, is a movable bed divider that can be positioned every 3 inch along the length of the truck bed to manage and contain lightweight cargo. Controlled from the driver's side, Cargo Manager is repositioned by simply squeezing the control levers. Cargo Manager's spring-activated mechanism then automatically pins the divider to each side track in the next nearest slot. When combined with a Roll-N-Lock retractable bed cover, this dynamic product combination gives truck owners not only the ability to cover and secure the contents of the truck bed, but also prevents objects from shifting in the bed when stopping or turning abruptly.


The Covercraft ProNet Tailgate Net for full size pickup trucks is designed to increase gas mileage. This net comprises an even tensioning design that requires only four holes to produce a perfectly flat, sag-free installation. This tailgate cargo net is made of heavy-duty 22 ounce fabric with stainless steel mounting hardware. The net includes stainless steel quick release clips for fast as well as easy access to the truck bed.

The CURT universal truck bed extender with fold down tailgate fits most full-size truck beds, including short and long-bed models. The truck bed extender features an innovative pin-latch system to install or remove very easily, without any drilling or bed modifications required. Unlike competitive models that flip up or require you to climb over or install to access your cargo, this tailgate extender has an integrated fold-down tailgate. Access to the truck bed is quicker, safer and easier. Though this truck bed extension has high-strength steel tubing, it only weighs 40 pounds.

Since pickup truck beds are different from each truck manufacturer, you need to decide on which tonneau cover will install on your truck. Each is based on pickup truck manufacturer, year, model and truck bed size. Tonneau covers come in folding, roll or hard top. They are great for concealing items in the truck bed as well as protecting your gear and belongings from the weather and theft.

Dougherty said the driver of the pickup had pulled off the freeway near the center divider to cut off a chunk of tire rubber that had become loose. Bradley and another officer discovered the men in the truck just after leaving the scene of a nearby car accident.

Fiat Chrysler has issued a recall for 410,351 Ram pickup trucks in the U.S. due to the risk of the tailgate unexpectedly unlatching and the risk to other drivers of cargo flying out the back. The automaker says that the power locking mechanisms in 2015-2018 Ram 1500, 2500, 3500 pickup trucks has an internal component that could break over time. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, affected Ram owners should receive notification via the mail in late June to upgrade the tailgate locking mechanisms for free at their local dealership. Until then, owners of the affected vehicles are advised to use tie-down rings, cleats, high-friction bed-liners, bulkhead dividers or bed-extenders to secure cargo.

A folding hand cart lets you say goodbye to heavy luggage! It makes moving cargo or equipment easier, more convenient and safer. lightweight material, foldable design saves space, easy to carry. this portable dolly folding cart comes with 2 elastic ropes, no need to buy is suitable for moving boxes, transporting luggage, carrying sports equipment, carrying camping gear, etc. flat folding design for easy storage into the trunk of your car.Note:1. Speed is not too fast when going up and down. Do not make a sharp turn on the flat road.2. The feet and body should not be near the wheel too close to avoid bruising.3. Do not stand on the hand truck's baseplate slide and play.4. Please check the size before purchasing. 041b061a72


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