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Itools 4 License Key

iTools devoted itself to provide the best software to help customer manage and backup the content of iOS devices. Here are some frequent asked questions about license code, please check the following answers and suggestions.

Itools 4 License Key

Download File:

but for subscription licenses (if you are already a premium/platinum users, and you want to use advanced gpx and multiple devices features of iTools virtual location, then you can buy subscription license.), the valid time will be a month or a year according to your subscription.

One license only support one computer or one mac. Prices varies according to how much license you buy, we have premium license, platinum license, and bundled package, you can choose the numbers of licenses you need of each kind. Please refer to our official website to buy.

We updated the license code system of the iTools4 with two keys. But the iTools3 for windows only has one key, iTools3 for mac have 3 keys. so, when the old users upgrade their iTools3 to iTools4, they can not activate with only one keys/three keys.

If customer buy premium license for 5 pc/mac or platinum license for 15/30 pc/mac, we will issue 1 pair of keys(key1 and key2) for customer to license on 5/15/30 different computers maximally. But not 5/15/30 pair of different keys.


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