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4M FINE: A Powerful Software for HVAC Design and Calculation

4M FINE: A Powerful Software for HVAC Design and Calculation

4M FINE is a leading software package for HVAC design and calculation, based on the BIM technology and the 4MCAD engine. It allows the user to design and calculate HVAC installations in an integrated environment, with automatic generation of drawings, reports and specifications. 4M FINE is compatible with DWG and IFC formats, and can handle complex projects with high speed and accuracy.

4M FINE consists of several applications that cover different aspects of HVAC design and calculation, such as:

  • FINE HEAT: For heating load calculation and radiator selection.

  • FINE COOL: For cooling load calculation and air-conditioning unit selection.

  • FINE FIRE: For fire protection system design and hydraulic calculation.

  • FINE GAS: For gas network design and hydraulic calculation.

  • FINE LIFT: For elevator selection and traffic analysis.

  • FINE SANI: For sanitary installation design and hydraulic calculation.

  • FINE ELEC: For electrical installation design and load calculation.

  • FINE GREEN: For energy performance simulation and certification.

4M FINE has recently released a new version, ADAPT23, which introduces major improvements and new features, such as:

Download Zip:

  • A redesigned 64bit computational core for faster calculations.

  • A renewed interface with ribbon menus and advanced ergonomics.

  • New libraries in Firebird platform for better management and performance.

  • Heat pump selection based on performance curves in heating and cooling mode.

  • Inverter circulator selection with detailed hydraulic analysis in heating and cooling networks.

  • Detailed bill of materials by pipe diameter in pipe networks.

  • More detailed and comprehensive bill of materials in all installation networks by analyzing all sub-segments of each segment.

  • Larger calculation sheets for bigger projects (up to 4500 network segments per file).

  • Detailed calculation of U-values of building elements by selecting successive layers from the new library of building materials.

4M FINE is the ideal software for HVAC engineers who want to design and calculate HVAC installations with high quality, efficiency and productivity. It is widely used by more than 30,000 users in Greece and abroad, and it is the standard that has been established in the HVAC field. You can find more information about 4M FINE at

One of the main advantages of 4M FINE is that it integrates design and calculation in a single environment, eliminating the need for separate software and data exchange. The user can draw the installation networks on the floor plans, using smart objects that represent the HVAC components, such as pipes, ducts, valves, radiators, units, etc. The software automatically recognizes the network topology and performs the hydraulic and thermal calculations, according to the selected standards and regulations. The results are displayed on the drawings and in the calculation sheets, and can be exported to various formats.

Another benefit of 4M FINE is that it uses the BIM technology, which means that it can create and manage a digital model of the building and its installations, containing all the relevant information and properties. The BIM model can be imported from or exported to other BIM software, such as Revit, ArchiCAD, Allplan, etc., using the IFC format. This enables a seamless collaboration and coordination among different disciplines and stakeholders involved in the building project. The BIM model can also be used for energy performance simulation and certification, using the FINE GREEN application.

4M FINE is a user-friendly and flexible software that can adapt to the needs and preferences of each user. It offers various options and settings for customizing the interface, the libraries, the calculation methods, the reports and the drawings. It also provides online help and tutorials for learning and support. 4M FINE is constantly updated and improved to meet the latest standards and market demands. It is available in several languages, such as Greek, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, etc. 29c81ba772


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