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This must-read novel poses a powerful question to readers -- could American democracy be endangered or possibly even destroyed by a culture of fear, racism, and hate? The storyline of Internment has numerous references and comparisons (some subtle and some with explanations) to the deportation of Jews during the Holocaust and the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, which some readers may not immediately understand. But this offers an excellent opportunity for teens and parents to talk about why minorities are so often targeted (even in democracies) and what lessons can be learned from these past tragedies.

The aims of this study are to (1) add to the limited existing knowledge of game-based technologies and (2) address the interest in using this novel kind of technology as the teaching approach in a low-tech setting in Africa. First, we hypothesized that the application of game elements and mechanics in learning would enhance the sexual health literacy of teenage students. Second, we hypothesized that the teenage students would develop an attitude toward gamified instruction (SG and GM) that was more favorable and receptive than that toward the traditional learning approaches. Henceforth, this study looks at how gamified instruction can improve the sexual health education of adolescents, address their sexual health challenges, and help them overcome those challenges, all of this in developing countries, which tend to be far less invested in digital technologies than developed countries [26].

The study involved teenage students (n=120) aged 11-15 who were enrolled in a secondary school at the time of the study. The research was carried out in a school in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This school was selected because it had 2 computer laboratories, each able to accommodate around 40 students. They had internet connectivity, a power supply, and a standby generator. The 3 classes had around 40 students each. Everyone in a class was in the same grade. The participants were not chosen randomly. Each participant was assigned to either an experimental group or a control group based on their intact classroom settings. The researchers had no authority to form or annihilate the existing study population setting. The research team randomly designated 2 of the classes as experimental (digital game and GM) and 1 class as control (traditional).

In all, 120 teenage students participated in testing the interventions. Table 5 presents their demographic features and socioeconomic status, including their access to and use of digital technologies. 041b061a72


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