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Ian Walker
Ian Walker

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In the meantime, they're working on the pilot of a proposed NBC comedy based on the film. If it flies, the sitcom will expand the movie's premise by locating the call center in urban Bangalore, then populating it with a fully multi-national cast. Picture Australians and Filipinos and Germans working cubicle-by-cubicle alongside Indians and Americans, all trying to make sense of our melting-pot 21st-century marketplace realities. "It will be a global comedy," asserts Jeffcoat.

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Music, movies, e-books, and games can also be downloaded on JPay tablets for exorbitant fees. Songs are listed for as much as $2.50 each, and a single album can cost up to $46, according to state records. Renting a movie costs between $2 and $25. Until November 2019, when the company backed down in the face of public pressure, JPay was selling incarcerated individuals in a handful of states e-books sourced from Project Gutenberg, a database of free books. 350c69d7ab


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