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Love Day __EXCLUSIVE__ Full Movie Download 2015 Torrent

Loved this movie. The performances were really solid. The main characters had chemistry. The female lead had depth which I really liked.It was a sweet story; loved the music and I'm not even into country.They should make more movies like this one.

Love Day Full Movie Download 2015 Torrent


'Sicario' had me stoked from the start. It is hard to go wrong with the involvement of cinematographer Roger Deakins, director Denis Villeneuve, writer Taylor Sheridan, advertising that really makes one want to see the film, its critical acclaim and a cast like Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro.In no way was 'Sicario' a let down. It completely lived up to the hype and all of the attractions/reasons for seeing the film were among the things that made 'Sicario' so good. 'Sicario' to me really is one of the best films of 2015, one of the best crime thriller films in years and a standout film of the decade. Its one stumbling block was that more could have been done with the character of Kate, the character and her motivations seemed a little underwritten somewhat and not always as decisive or plausible as ought. However, it was nowhere near as big a problem as made out (also was completely masked by how brilliant the rest of the film was), because it was clear that she was meant to be something of a fish out of water character and that was brought out very well, meaning that to me some of her actions made sense somewhat.Everything about the film in general is brilliant and a tour-De-force of film-making, though it is understandable if it doesn't connect with all. 'Sicario' is impeccably made for starters, the setting is both audacious and visceral in showing the horrors and brutality of the setting and the editing is tight, stylish and enhances the brutal atmosphere. Best of all is the cinematography (in close competition in that year's Oscar category with 'The Revenant, which was a deserved winner), with Roger Deakins demonstrating once again why he is one of the best contemporary cinematographers in the business with cinematography that's stunning and darkly gritty, also bringing out the visceral horror.Denis Villeneuve's directing has a beautiful darkness but also a hard edge that is perfect for the story that 'Sicario' tries to tell. The music score is haunting and pulse-pulsating, one can actually feel their heart beat with tension and anticipation. Can totally see why it was nominated for the Oscar and an easy second to Ennio Morricone's work for 'The Hateful Eight'. Can also see the acclaim for the sound editing, which added a huge amount to the film's authenticity, again up against tight competition in the category that year at the Oscars.The script is tightly structured and rich in complexity, while the story doesn't need attention-grabbing set pieces to impress or make its point and has more than that on its mind. And all the better for it. It is heavily reliant on atmosphere, this is brutal, harrowing stuff that effectively shows the horrors of the situation and setting without overdoing or sugar-coating it, also showing respect to it. It's wonderfully murky and dark, while also taut and kinetic in its energy (despite the sometimes deliberate, but never dull, pacing).You couldn't have gotten better performances. The standout is Benicio Del Toro, with the most interesting character (especially in the genuinely shocking final act) and giving a magnificently shady performance that's chilling but also conflicted. Emily Blunt conveys great strength and touching vulnerability, while Josh Brolin is tongue-in-cheek and charming with a touch of ambiguity. Daniel Kaluuya is sort of a moral compass character, something that Kaluuya is movingly sympathetic bringing out.Overall, a masterpiece tour-De-force with only one minor and ignorable stumbling block. 10/10 Bethany Cox

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While I didn't try to think of the song, the line "Baby don't hurt me ... don't hurt me no more" came to mind. And it's not like it doesn't suit or fit with the movie (if you excuse the pun). And let's get this out of the way straight ahead: If you didn't or don't already know, this movie has scenes of explicit sex in it. And it begins with a masturbation scene, to shock you right out of the gate (or those who will be offended by it of course).It goes without saying that this is full of nudity. You may not have seen this actors before, but you'll see everything of them in this. It's not only being naked physically, but also mentally. Laying emotions out there and going through motions (literally and metaphorically) is draining. Both for the actors and the viewers. The story is simple. It's about love or the idea of it.Which brings us back to our initial question. Are we able to appreciate what we have? Or do we long for things we can't have? Can we be happy with the person we spend our time or is the temptation for something new too big? Obviously that depends on the individual and their "world" view. Also their emotional state. The movie is as you can tell not an easy watch ... for multiple reasons. The message is clear though ...

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