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Software Ramalan Nombor 4dgolkes

Software Ramalan Nombor 4dgolkes: How to Win 4D Lottery with a Simple Software

If you are a fan of 4D lottery, you might have heard of a software called Software Ramalan Nombor 4dgolkes. This software claims to be able to predict the winning numbers for various 4D lottery games in Malaysia, such as Magnum, Da Ma Cai, Sports Toto, GD Lotto, and more. But is it really true? And how does it work? In this article, we will try to answer these questions and give you some tips on how to use this software effectively.

Software Ramalan Nombor 4dgolkes

What is Software Ramalan Nombor 4dgolkes?

Software Ramalan Nombor 4dgolkes is a software that was created by a group of 4D enthusiasts who call themselves Software CM4D. They uploaded their software on a website called, which is a platform for sharing 4D tips and tricks. According to their description, the software can predict the winning numbers for any 4D lottery game with just the date of the draw. The software also claims to have some features such as:

  • Using a secret formula of mathematics and statistics to calculate the numbers

  • Providing a list of hot and cold numbers for each game

  • Giving a confidence level for each prediction

  • Updating the database regularly with the latest results

  • Offering free updates for life for all buyers

The software is available for purchase on, and it has a file size of 2.3 MB. The software is written in Visual Basic programming language and it has a graphical user interface (GUI) that looks like this:

How does Software Ramalan Nombor 4dgolkes work?

The exact mechanism of how Software Ramalan Nombor 4dgolkes works is not clear, as the source code of the software is not available for public inspection. However, based on some reviews and comments from users who have tried the software, it seems that the software works by using a combination of historical data, probability analysis, and pattern recognition to generate the predictions. Here are some steps on how to use the software:

  • Download and install the software on your computer.

  • Select the game that you want to play from the drop-down menu.

  • Enter the date of the draw that you want to predict.

  • Click on the "Generate" button to see the predicted numbers.

  • Compare the predicted numbers with the actual results after the draw.

The software will show you a list of four-digit numbers that are likely to win, along with their confidence levels. The higher the confidence level, the more likely the number will win. You can also see the hot and cold numbers for each game, which are the numbers that appear frequently or rarely in previous draws.

How effective is Software Ramalan Nombor 4dgolkes?

The effectiveness of Software Ramalan Nombor 4dgolkes is debatable, as there is no scientific or empirical evidence to support its accuracy or reliability. In fact, many users have reported that the software is not effective at all. Some of the negative reviews and comments from users are:

  • "This software is fake! It doesn't work at all! It's just a random number generator!"

  • "Don't buy this! It's a scam! It will ask you to pay more money or download other programs that will steal your data!"

  • "This is not a prediction tool! It's a gambling tool! It will make you lose more money than you win!"