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Api 610 11th Edition Pdf Free 410

API 610 11th Edition PDF Free 410

API 610 is a standard for centrifugal pumps for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries. It specifies the requirements for design, material, fabrication, inspection, testing and documentation of centrifugal pumps. It also provides guidelines for pump selection, installation, operation and maintenance. API 610 is widely used in the oil and gas industry as a reference for pump quality and reliability.

The 11th edition of API 610 was published in September 2010. It is the latest and most updated version of the standard. It incorporates the feedback and experience from the users and manufacturers of centrifugal pumps. It also reflects the changes and developments in the technology and industry practices. Some of the major changes and improvements in the 11th edition are:

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  • It introduces a new pump type designation system based on the pump configuration and application. It replaces the previous alphabetical system with a numerical system that consists of four digits. The first digit indicates the pump type, such as overhung (1), between bearings (2) or vertically suspended (3). The second digit indicates the number of impeller stages, such as single stage (1), multistage (2) or double suction (3). The third digit indicates the impeller design, such as radial (1), mixed flow (2) or axial flow (3). The fourth digit indicates the shaft orientation, such as horizontal (1), vertical inline (2) or vertical can (3). For example, a single stage overhung pump with radial impeller and horizontal shaft is designated as 1111.

  • It expands the coverage of special purpose pumps, such as high speed integrally geared pumps, cryogenic pumps, submersible pumps and canned motor pumps. It provides more detailed requirements and recommendations for these pumps.

  • It updates the material requirements and classifications for pump components. It aligns with the latest editions of other API standards, such as API 682 for mechanical seals and API 617 for axial and centrifugal compressors. It also introduces new material classes for improved corrosion resistance and wear performance.

  • It enhances the quality assurance and testing requirements for pumps. It specifies more stringent acceptance criteria and tolerances for pump performance, vibration, noise and hydrostatic testing. It also requires more comprehensive documentation and certification of pump data and test results.

The 11th edition of API 610 is available in PDF format from the official website of API. However, it is not free to download. The price of the PDF file is $410 USD. Alternatively, you can purchase a hard copy of the standard for $410 USD plus shipping costs. You can also access the standard online through a subscription service provided by API. The subscription fee varies depending on the number of users and standards you need.

If you are looking for a free PDF file of API 610 11th edition, you may find some unofficial sources on the internet that claim to offer it. However, these sources are not authorized by API and may not be reliable or accurate. They may contain errors, omissions or outdated information. They may also violate the intellectual property rights of API and expose you to legal risks. Therefore, it is not recommended to use these sources for your professional or academic purposes.

The best way to obtain a legitimate copy of API 610 11th edition is to purchase it from API or its authorized distributors. This way, you can ensure that you get the most current and accurate version of the standard. You can also support the development and maintenance of API standards that benefit the oil and gas industry.


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