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Solve Your Epson CX4300 Printer Problems with an Adjustment Program

Close down all Epson programsExit all Epson printer programs that may be running in the background or on your task bar.The quickest way to do this is to press Ctrl, Alt & Del on your keyboard and release, which will open your WindowsTask Manager.Click on [Processes] and a list of all processes running on your computer will appear, look for any in the listthat say Epson, highlight it and select [End Process]. Carry this out for any Epson programs running.Now to reset your printer.Switch off the printer using the power button.PRESS and HOLD all following printer buttons: Power, Load/Eject,Stop, B&W, Color and continueto hold until "Init eeprom" appears on the printer screen, then RELEASEALL BUTTONS.Next press the Color button to clear the protection counter.Follow any other instructions given by the printer.Clean your print heads if print is not perfect.If your print is not perfect, this may be because your printer has not been used for a while and so the fixed printheads have dried ink on them.Simply open any document on your computer, click on [File] then [Print]. When your printer properties box opens click on[Properties] / [Preferences] then click on [Maintenance] / [Utility].You will need to carry out 3 head cleans with no printing of nozzle check patterns. To do this, click on [Head Clean],when finished it will ask you to "Print Nozzle Check Pattern". Don't allow this, click [Finish], then select[Head Clean] again carrying out the same process until you've cleaned the heads three times, then allow it to print thenozzle check pattern to check your print quality. If improved but not perfect carry out the above process again. Ifperfect, continue to use your printer as normal and try to use it at least once per fortnight.If absolutely no improvement is seen after cleaning the heads 3 times or more, your heads are severely blocked and willneed cleaning solution to resolve this. Please order the appropriate colour cleaning cartridge foryour Epson printer model, these are reusable and can be kept and stored for future use.If you have trouble following these cleaning instructions, please use our informationpage for step by step procedures with pictures.Cartridge Rejection Problems:With limited information on any actions you carried out prior to any error messages, I shall try to help you getyour printer running correctly.My assumption would be that your printer was out of ink on 1 cartridge and you changed a few cartridges at the sametime.1) This normally confuses the printer software, as it only expected 1 cartridge and will normally still showempty for those cartridges that were changed and didn't yet need changing.2) If any one of the cartridge microchips fail when you change more than 1 cartridge (when not required), theprinter will NOT tell you which chip has failed, it will mark them ALL as failed.Both problems above should be straight forward to sort out.The solution, is to use your printer maintenance software that is installed on your computer.If you are using a printer which has a small screen and a [Menu] / [Set Up] button, you can clear your problems in thesame way as below but, by using the printer maintenance software instead of the computer software.To get to the maintenance screen on the computer:Open any document such as a letter or a picture, click on [File] then [Print], when the printer properties box opens,click on [Properties] / [Preferences], then you'll see a [Maintenance] tab on the next screen, click on this and you'rethere.A lot of Epson printers have different maintenance tools and buttons.The one you need is called something like [Ink Cartridge Replacement].If you haven't got a button for this, click on [Head Clean] and it will refuse to clean the heads as you have acartridge problem or a cartridge needs replacing. Select [Replace] and you will start a 'wizard' in the same way as itwould start for an [Ink Cartridge Replacement] button, which is a step by step program. Read the screens that appear andkeep clicking next as if you were about to change a cartridge, until you have to click [OK] to move the print head tothe 'Change' position.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________For problem 1) above:If you are sure that all the applicable cartridges giving incorrect levels are full cartridges, open the flap that holdsthe cartridges down and (one at the time) unclip and lift each cartridge and press them back into place. This willtrigger the software into accepting the (not yet recognised) cartridge/s as new.Close the flap when finished and carry on with the on-screen step by steps.While the printer charges the ink nozzles, it will check your microchips on the cartridges.For problem 2) above:Open the flap that holds the cartridges down and unclip and lift the left-most cartridge and press it back into place.This will trigger the software into checking its chip, click OK to charge the nozzles and if this was the failedcartridge chip, the other cartridges will suddenly become recognised and that cartridge you just re-inserted (if stillshowing as failed) is the failed one that needs replacing.If you still have all cartridges unrecognised or showing failed. Start the wizard again in the same way and re-insertthe next cartridge in sequence. keep doing the whole procedure for all cartridges in sequence only until the softwareshows all other cartridges as recognised except the one you just re-inserted, or all cartridges as recognised (if it wasjust previously seated badly). Once a specific failed cartridge has been replaced with a new cartridge, all should bewell.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________You may now get some messages telling you they are not Epson cartridges and [Yes] / [No] to continue using thecartridge, obviously click [Yes].At this point, if there are any failed chips or empty cartridges that need replacing, you will be told to replace thoseapplicable before the wizard can complete.For any unrecognised chips, you can do the same process and just remove and refit that cartridge, incase it didn't makea perfect contact with the printer, this usually sorts that problem out, but if the software still tells you thecartridge is not recognised or has to be replaced then please replace it.This is one occasion where it pays to have spare cartridges ready to use.On fitting all relevant full cartridges, your printer should now show reasonably accurate ink levels and all cartridgeswill be accepted and ready for use.If you have used some ink from cartridges that are now showing full then further down the line you might find thatyou've completely emptied a cartridge before the software thinks it's empty. This cartridge colour will disappear fromyour pattern on the 'Nozzle Check' and must now be replaced, but if you haven't got an [Ink Cartridge Replacement]button and the software isn't asking for a cartridge to be replaced yet, this can be tricky.You will now have to clean your heads a few times, to use up some ink until a cartridge is recognised as empty, then youcan activate the wizard by clicking on the [Head Clean] button again, as above.For future information:If you are changing cartridges by pressing your ink button on the printer, only change the cartridges that are beingasked for and nothing else.If you are able to access the Ink Cartridge Replacement wizard on the computer, you can change anycartridge at any time, but consider how much ink you are throwing away by changing cartridges before they are empty.If you are using a printer which has its own small screen and a [Menu] / [Set Up] button, you can and should clear yourproblems in the same way as above, but by using the printer's maintenance software instead of the computer software.This information should be sufficient to clear 90% of Epson inkjet printer cartridge problems.For printer maintenance problems such as "Maintenance Required" or "Ink Pad Full", seeabove to download the resetting software and view the Epson printer resetting information.

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