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Virtuemart Flexible Fancy Product Slider

IMPORTANT NOTICE 3: Reflection is generated by reflection.js which is located at modules/mod_vm_flexible_slider/libs/js/reflection.js , You have to change this Js based on MooTools version of yours. If you are using MooTools 1.1.2 the existing Js is Okay. If you are using MooTools 1.2.xx download this and replaced the Reflection.js with yours. If you use are using MooTools 1.3 (and newer) you can try this Reflection.js. Please don't contact us to ask support about Reflection effect, there is a "disable" option in module parameters in case you can't make it work. You may also try to use the jQuery library to have the reflection effect. More info about "reflection.js for jQuery" visit here

virtuemart flexible fancy product slider

Create sliders from existing content of your site. With this feature you can highlight your top or featured products even latest articles. As it is dynamic, the sliders will automatically updated when you upload a new product, or add a new article without editing the slider.VirtueMart, HikaShop, MijoShop, JoomShoppingImages from directoryJoomla ArticlesK2, Zoovar lsjQuery=jQuerylsjQuery(document).ready(function()void 0===lsjQuery.fn.layerSlider?window._layerSlider&&window._layerSlider.showNotice&&window._layerSlider.showNotice("layerslider_37","jquery"):lsjQuery("#layerslider_37").layerSlider(sliderVersion:"6.0.6",responsiveUnder:0,allowFullscreen:!1,slideBGSize:"auto",parallaxScrollReverse:!0,hideUnder:0,hideOver:1e5,startInViewport:!1,pauseOnHover:"disabled",navPrevNext:!1,hoverPrevNext:!1,navStartStop:!1,navButtons:!1,showCircleTimer:!1,skinsPath:" _layer_slider/base/static/layerslider/skins/"))Sample SlidersStart slider creation with an example sliderBy using our sample sliders you can save plenty of time. We have created lots of examples, and this collection is growing continuously. So it is worth to visit back recently.You can import any of them from the Creative Slider's backend with a simple click. These sliders can be used in wide-range because they cover many areas, from the simplest to more complex ones. Moreover you can also learn from them, if you like a transition or style. The most important features are highlighted under every sample slider's presentation page, which also can help you as a tutorial.

Purity III is highly customizable: from its flexible layout system to the real time customization tool - ThemeMagic. All are available in Purity III. If you would like to go all out and fancy, Purity III will be your best friend.

Time flies and I can't imagine that it is already 7 years since our Purity template was chosen to be the winner of Joomla 1.5 template contest. The template was later selected to be included into the core of Joomla 1.5. Purity has been the most successful template so far because of its simplicity yet flexibility. It does not look fancy, but it works seamlessly with any type of content you come up with. Details24 Jan 2014 Details Magento ThemesThe First Responsive Magento eCommerce featuring Off-Canvas Navigation - JM SiotisJM Siotis is our first Responsive Magento theme which supports off-canvas navigation used in mobile and tablet devices. The theme also comes with the latest QuickBuy module, which supports transitions and effects developed specially for this theme only. Not to mention the Mega menu with featured products, JM Basetheme for easy customization and an auto-updated shopping cart feature this theme is loaded with.

JA Hawkstore is our first Joomla 2.5 responsive e-commerce template for the year 2013, featuring Virtuemart component. Not just the default Virtuemart, but better with free add-in product slider module and a bonus feature for the shopping cart.

LayerSlider got a big makeover since the last version, and became much more flexible. Many requested features has built in what you have asked, such as static layers, full screen sliders, and much more. So we proudly present you the brand new LayerSlider 6. Check below to see what has changed.


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