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Melthucelha Smith
Melthucelha Smith

Download [BEST] File [WE] Tokyo Ghoul.rar

Im having the same problem but I can still run the game. I just cant put the file on my desktop so I have to keep the WinRAR file open at all times or it will be lost and I would have to re-download the whole new build. Also I noticed when I try to open YS (on my desktop not WinRAR) it says error file not found when I clearly still have the file. I have no clue but Im fine with just re-opening the game with WinRAR.

Download File [WE] Tokyo Ghoul.rar

Download File:

Hi . Great work man. I have been searching for romanji subtitles and you are the only one I can find but I don't seem to understand how to download the subtitles files. I can't find a download option in g drive too. Pls tell me how to download the subtitles. 041b061a72


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