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Ian Walker

Ria Sakurai Mascot Girl Xv667 25

I tried to consider all that and it became more and more clear. As I thought more about the situation, I remembered one of the questions I had asked Sakurai about Street Fighter II back in 2010: FGO is not just a game that's unique in some ways (especially visually), but for the fact that it's one of the first two fighting games released on Sony's consoles. Was there a psychological thing that FGO presents that isn't in other games, or was it something that came about more from the unique ideas that NISA brought to the table? Do you think that NISA's ideas might have changed up the notion of what's a fighting game a little? Or would you want to change something about it if you were to make it again today?

ria sakurai mascot girl xv667 25

Ending several months of speculation, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai finally revealed that the first DLC character of Fighters Pass Volume 2 will be Min Min from ARMS . Her reveal trailer starts off with an anime-inspiredsequence showingseries mascot Spring Man grabbing the coveted invitation before Ribbon Girl knocks him out. She attempts to take it, but is foiled by Ninjara. EveryARMScharacter is then seen battling it out for the envelope. Min Min, who is serving ramen to Kirby and Captain Falcon, sees the brawl and swoops in to take it for herself. The animated sequence is lively and fun,filled with many of the signature fake-outs that Smash Bros. trailers are known for and highlighting Min Min while still giving other ARMS characters a role.


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