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Kindness Elves Buy

Create a new tradition for Christmas with The Kindness Elves, an alternative to the popular Elf on the Shelf idea, and place the focus instead on positive, character-building activities for kids. Teaching love, kindness and gratitude with a hope to raise kids who move away from the entitlement attitude which is creeping into our modern generation.

kindness elves buy

A couple of years ago I came up with an all new idea for starting a positive family tradition within our home instead; The Kindness Elves! I decided to use these adorable little friends to emphasise kindness and love and hopefully help the kids to develop thoughtfulness and compassion for the world around them in a playful and fun way! No focus on bad behaviour or reporting back to anyone, but a positive focus for building kind character habits for a lifetime. Read the full story on our new, dedicated website The Kindness!

They say that they have come to share the magic of Christmas and have heard that the children have kind and loving hearts, and they want to see them for themselves! They let the children know that they will be putting out little notes each day, either praising them for the kind acts they have witnessed, or suggesting more ways we can help others either at home, school, community groups or in public. The children are encouraged to write back too if they wish, and indeed both reading and writing are a big part of the Kindness Elves tradition, making them a lovely learning tool too! [Perfect for the classroom as a class mascot and teaching aid!]

You can also follow the Kindness Elves on their very own Facebook page where we share lots of the ideas and photos together as a community. These will be a great place to get you started and you can also find them on their very own Instagram page too. Use the hashtag #thekindnesselves to share your kind moments with your own Kindness Elves!

Every little kindness adds up to a big change for the world! Will you join our mission?! Adopt this tradition for your own family or classroom this year. Check out all of the gorgeous range of Kindness Elves available over on our dedicated website here!

Our little Kindness Elves arrive in pairs inside their very own, gorgeously designed house with a working mail box for sending and receiving mail each day! The interior scenes are just so gorgeous and packed full of details showing their kindness mail room, secret playroom in the attic and potion room where they mix happiness and kindness potions all day long!

This is wonderful! As our twins are getting older and becoming more aware of the holidays. We just talked this year about whether or not we would be doing Santa Claus. We decided that we will not, but will teach them about St. Nicholas. I think that next year when they are 3 years old I would like to implement these kindness elves!

Love your kindness elves and has made me think of how to tie in the birth of Jesus Christ into this. I have a nativity for my boys which I will use Baby Jesus as the one who leaves the ideas of acts of kindness.

I love this idea. My little one is too young to start traditions yet (13 months old0 BUT i think I will steal this idea and use the kindness ideas as part of the advent calendar in the future. Replacing chocolate and presents with ideas of things to do with the kids and spreading kindness to others. ? Thanks for sharing your idea and have fun this holiday season!

Just wanted to say that I love this idea. My kids never wanted an elf on the shelf. Now they are 13 and 11.. their kindness elves just made it to our home and they cannt wait to see where they will be and what acts of kindness and love they will ask them to share. So glad you shared this idea.

I love your elves. I would love to figure out how to make them. The knitted sweaters are just amazing! I, too, do elf activities in my classroom at school. But, I also did not like the purpose of elf on the shelf. I teach English as a Second Language so I have many students who are Muslim or Buddhist. I wanted the fun of an elf on the shelf but I did NOT want the Santa connection. SO last year I started an elf on the shelf, but he did NOT work for Santa (though some of his cousins did). He encourages acts of kindness, kind words, and hard work. SInce then we have experimented with making many different elves in macrame and felt and beads. Even my 4th and 5th graders are excited each day to see what the elf has done that day. So thank you for sharing. I will be watching your facebook to see what your dear elves are doing. By the way, is that store online? I would really like a couple of these elves to add to my collection.

We are so thrilled at their popularity, but more importantly, that people are so keen to join us in this lovely project for spreading kindness to those around us! What a great message to be sharing with our children in a world that really needs to hear it.

Start a new Christmas tradition with the Kindness Elves. The Kindness Elves are a Christmas toy for kids that can help encourage children to be kind to others. They love to visit your home during the holidays, and, share the Christmas spirit with your children. But, unlike the elf on the shelf, these sweet little Christmas Elves can be used to encourage children to commit small acts of kindness all year long!

The kindness elves are magical little friends that love to encourage children to commit small acts of kindness. My family appreciates this refreshing variation of the Elf on the Shelf nightmare. Sorry, no offense, but I am not a fan.

These kind little elves are magical friends that love to sprinkle kindness and joy wherever they go. They love to visit your home at Christmastime, and other special times of the year, to share happiness and spread joy with children.

There are several different Elf colors, bundles, and sets available to make it possible to go on kindness adventures with the elves year-round. Get your own set of these sweet little Christmas elves with our affiliate link HERE!

Each day, the elves write a message to the children asking them to an act of kindness. The children can also write messages back to the elves and put them in the mailbox that comes with the box. So cute!

Many thanks to The Imagination tree for introducing our family to the kindness elves tradition. I only do the elves for 10 days because I think that they are FUN, but do take time. No one says you have to start them on December 1st! Ours arrive every year on December 15th!!!

We are the kindness elves of the Christmas season. It is our job to help spread joy and love. Will you help us? We do hope you will!!! Can you make a list of the most polite words you can think of, put the list on the fridge, and use those words as much as you can? That will help us oh so much.

These are our kindness elves, Oof and Nindo (named by my daughter Cora when she was 2). When they arrive on December 1st, they bring a welcome letter explaining that their purpose is to spread holiday cheer and to give ideas for how to be thoughtful and kind during the holiday season. Each morning until Christmas, the elves leave a note for the girls with a "kindness task" for the day.

If you would like to incorporate this message into your Elf routine, we have created a set of printable cards that you can leave out with your elves each morning. BONUS- they are printed in a handwriting your child(ren) won't recognize! We have included extra idea cards as well as some blanks in case there are some that don't resonate with you, or if you have ideas of your own that you'd like to include.

My kids and I are huge fans of the Kindness Elves for inspiring children to do everyday acts of kindness. This companion book tells the whimsical tale of who the Kindness Elves are and what they do all day. The sweet story shows the elves in their trademark little house where notes of kindness acts are passed through. The tale shows children how small acts of kindness can have a big impact when you work together as a team, and make a difference in helping those in need. My kids love the playful story and gorgeous hand-painted illustrations, as well as the fun secret pocket note with a kindness recipe! Visit the link below to purchase the book.

We first learned of Kindness Elves in 2013 when a customer requested a Christmas Elf for the Kindness Elf Tradition. Since then it has become a fast growing family tradition all over the globe. We are proud to have been offering handcrafted holiday elves for your family traditions since 2013. Always made in the USA.

I printed the notepaper and acts of kindness hearts from the Camp Kindness ebook. You can also download the notepaper for free from the Kindness Elves blog. Or you can buy the accessories pack that comes with acts of kindness cards, mini postcards, stickers, and more.

I just received mine a few days ago and my students are so happy to have them. You mentioned that you have the Elves do kind things for the kids. Can you share some of the acts of kindness that you have the Elves do?

What happened to helping our children become the best people they can be by building them up and helping them to experience the joy that comes with doing good? This magical elf that we all seem to possess, it is the perfect opportunity for us to instill the act of kindness throughout the Christmas season.

My elves are stuffed in the Christmas tubs and come out with the decorations the day after Thanksgiving. My kids pull them out and run off to play with them for a few hours. The elves play house, race car derby, and go for a bike ride before they join us for dinner that evening. Together, as a family, we talk about all of the kind things we can do from now until Christmas. We talk about being kind all year and how important it is to better ourselves, others, and our earth. We create a list of things we can actively do to spread love, cheer, and kindness.

These adorable elves leave a note with an act of kindness for children to find. The children find the suggestion and follow through on it. The elves then leave the children a postcard congratulating the children on their act of kindness. Voila! Kindness is spread! 041b061a72


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