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What Ever Happened To Baby Jane YIFY

"Subtle"? No way. "Well-crafted"? Not exactly. "Sleazy and captivating"? YEP, you betcha!This is definitely a "guilty pleasure" movie. You know, one that you love to watch but is certainly not sophisticated or subtle. Though a psychological drama, the movie is loud, loud, loud to the extreme--and therein lies most of its cult charm. At her most dramatic and bellicose is Bette Davis--who plays a totally insane and vindictive wench. And, believe it or not, Joan Crawford UNDERPLAYS her part! I know to lovers of classic cinema this seems impossible, as Ms. Crawford might just be one of the biggest over-emoters in the history of film! No, this film is really Bette Davis' film from start to finish--Crawford is just there as an object to be tortured and tormented by our anti-hero, Bette ("Baby Jane"). According to one biography I read about Ms. Davis, she really DID torture Ms. Crawford--walloping the crap out of her on several occasions during filming and then claiming it was all an accident!! So, if you are the type person that loves Shakespeare, Jeeves and Wooster or documentaries about the plight of the Eskimos, then this film probably isn't for you. If instead, you like over-the-top, silly and somewhat scandalous films about insane people doing really nasty things, then have I got a film for YOU! PS--While I enjoyed this film, similar films from the era that I actually enjoyed more are Davis' follow-up HUSH, HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE and Crawford's STRAIT-JACKET. HUSH, HUSH was more intelligently written and subtle and STRAIT-JACKET was much more over-the-top and campy.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane YIFY


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RuTracker is the best. If you use chrome it auto translates to the language of your preference. I had zero difficulty navigating the site. If you are new to torrents and don't even understand torrenting basics don't come on here and leave poot comments that you get ads or whatever. Ads are what allows trackers to host for free. Get over it. Anyway, rutracker rocks. I spent hours trying to find a very hard to locate audiobook. Rutracker not only had the book, but the torrent was still seeded after 9 years. Pretty awesome I'd say. It also gives options to download a torrent or use a magnet link. 041b061a72


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