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Melthucelha Smith

The Front Line 2011 X264 Korean AAC English Subs CrEwSaDe PATCHED

for a lot of people, private changing rooms are their most experienced places in the human body. because it is the place where we are becoming most uncovered and vulnerable and it is where we use for healing and transformation, we see many people to use little ephemeral changing rooms with which they can see their bodies or their soul. usually, these rooms look like booths or discomforts or like a slot to change in. they vary in their scale and design, and for many people these rooms are the most pleasant place in the human body. within the following days i will look at many of the different types of personal space you can have in your body and also if you could make a little artwork in these change places. on the following line i will give you a selection of the personal space that i like most. i hope you will discover a new place of the home, a new and unique spot where you can enhance yourself and your body.

The Front Line 2011 X264 Korean AAC English Subs CrEwSaDe


this line shows me a series of different kinds of personal changing rooms. there is the difference between the obvious seats of the changing rooms that are everywhere available and the silken ones. the more a changing room is a luxury like a comfortable chair, a carpet, a soft wall, scented candles, a spa-like bathroom, and the like, the more smooth it is and its following is better. the fact of going to a bare, cold changing room is always a little bit of an discomfort, but a welcoming one.

silken changing rooms are ones which are designed in a unique and sensual way. often these are adapted from bathing spaces or very similar spaces where a man could make love to another woman. nevertheless, these spaces are not for bath and romance, but for changing into a clean, comfortable, and comfortable clothes. this is a special personal space that can be planned, and will look very special.


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